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Through careful analysis of military projects, our research team has acquired data showcasing over 75 FDA-approved compounds discovered through a multi-institutional research venture for the identification of life extension agents for soldiers. Intended to simultaneously increase the lifespan, as well as the peak physical and mental performance of our nation’s elite soldiers, the research was never taken to the level of human safety trials.

At present, our team has taken on the task of examining the diversity of unresearched short-term and long-term performance-enhancing compounds contained in the report. While several of these compounds have promise to be applied in the civilian space, and all have been confirmed as safe for use in humans through the FDA, we believe that the strongest potential application for these agents is in their use in military food products, through partnerships with companies like Soylent and Joylent.

The Bucky-balls trials

Enrollment is currently open for trials to test “Bucky-balls” for their capacity to increase lifespan and maximize human performance. Cost of enrollment includes three blood tests, blood test analysis for detecting rate of biological age reversal using advanced machine learning protocols, and Buckminsterfullerene (also known as Fullerene-C60 and “Bucky-balls”)

Trials are conducted from the comfort of your own home, blood testing is covered by most insurance at your local hospital, and all testing results delivered electronically. 90% purity buckyballs are delivered in three shipments, and combined with olive oil for ease of ingestion.

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