Who We Are

Ascendance Biomedical is a novel corporation founded with an ambitious goal in mind: We want to make it easier for everyone to gain access to life-saving treatments - without the hassle. We are a team of physicians, scientists and entrepreneurs unified in the mission to save and improve lives.


What We Provide

Ascendance Biomedical provides products and services which enable our customers to access the most cutting-edge biomedical technologies & treatments in the world. Working with clinics, physicians and scientists all over the world in all regulatory zones, we help you get the care that you need.


All Inclusive

We not only provide medical care and treatment, we also assist with flights, accommodation, travel instructions, the processing of medical records, direct connection with medical personnel upon arrival, analysis of your case to get you the best price with local physicians and - most importantly - set you up to receive the required treatments and interventions for your condition. Ascendance Biomedical offers not just products, but all-inclusive healthcare solutions for patients worldwide.


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Cimavax (January 2017)


Ovarian Rejuvenation (February 2017)


Senolytics (March 2017)